Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work with photographers?

We are Photographer friendly.  We work very well with photographers and many of our videographers started out as photographers.  We have multiple cameras and multiple camera angles, which is why we let your photographer take the lead and work around him or her. If you’re still looking for a photographer, let us know! We have a several photographers that we would be happy to recommend.

Why should I use 5iveStar to film my wedding?

Most of our brides book with us because they want to always remember the day that they have dreamed about all of their lives and spent months planning, and after reviewing our work and prices believe that we are the company that can best do the job for them.  The video and audio that we capture will always bring you back into the moment like no other medium.  Our work truly lets you relive the glorious cheering of the guests as you’re announced for the first time as husband and wife, your romantic first dance, and the sound of your father getting choked up during his toast to your new life together.

Can I make an appointment?

Yes! You can call and speak to a videographer at your convenience.  He or she should be able to answer most of your questions during that phone call, however, if you would prefer, you can schedule to meet with a videographer at one of our studios or at a location you specify.  The videographer will bring a DVD or Blu-Ray player with them so they can show you some our prior work.

Can I make my own package?

Yes! You can customize a package to meet your own individual needs.  If you only need to make minor changes to one of our package, that can easily accommodated.

How long are your videos?

On our edited package we never cut anything from the ceremony, as we merely transition between the different HD cameras to provide you with a movie quality final product.  We cut very little from the reception, camera movement, etc., however, we include all of the major events and as much dancing as possible.  Therefore, the length of each Wedding is never the same, it depends upon the length of the ceremony and how many toasts, how much dancing, as well as, the length of the parent dances, cake cut, etc.

Are the highlights available online?

On all packages, we upload the highlights to Vimeo so that you can share your special day with friends and family around the world.  Only those individuals to whom you provide the protected link will be able to view your highlights.

How many videographers should I have?

Due to our use of multiple HD cameras mounted on tripods plus the lead videographers manned camera, one videographer (Deluxe Package) is sufficient in most cases.  If the location of the ceremony is very large or has restrictions on the placement or movement of cameras, then a second videographer (Prestige and Regal Packages) is often necessary.  We also recommend a package with two videographers when the number of guests at the reception exceed 175.

Please note that the more videographers you have, the more dynamic, breathtaking and emotional your film will be. Multiple shooters allow us to get stunning angles from the balcony, epic sweeping shots of the ballroom and different angles, like the bride’s grand entrance being filmed by one videographer while the second videographer is capturing the groom’s reaction to her entrance.

Will I get to meet my videographer(s) prior to the wedding?

You probably won’t need to. Normally, a phone call or two between you and your specific videographer will answer all of your questions and enable you to get a feel for their personality.  Your videographer will ask that you keep them updated as time gets closer to the wedding and always requests a copy of your timeline for the day.

If you consider it absolutely necessary to meet with your videographer(s) prior to the wedding, we can work with you to schedule a meeting with your lead videographer at a mutually agreed upon date, time, and place.  Just give us a call and we can do that for you.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We utilize the latest high quality HD cameras and just recently started experimenting with the new 4K cameras.  We tend to lean heavily towards the Canon line of HD/4K video cameras.  Audio is also extremely important to us and we utilize state-of-the-art Sennheiser wireless microphone systems.  We use only on-camera lights that have variable control capability, which permits our videographers to remain non-obtrusive as they can adjust the light from just a pinpoint of light, to a higher amount of lights at the mere turn of a knob.

Will I have to wear a microphone?

We will place a wireless lapel mic the groom at the ceremony and that will pick up the bride’s audio. We will also place a wireless mic at the podium/area where anyone is reading verse or giving a speech.  All of our cameras also have a boom microphone which captures audio on a separate channel.

How far do you travel?  Do you charge travel fees?

We currently film weddings in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Delaware, the Eastern Shore and various locations in Pennsylvania.  We never charge transportation fees.

What is my next step?

Please contact Steve at 240-305-3967 ( or Ed at 410-255-0541 ( email us at: or call Steve at: 240-305-3967 or Ed at: 410-255-0541.  We can send you an info/contract packet for you to fill out and send in …. and we can also discuss our packages with you and customize a package the will fulfill you requirements.

How can I secure my date?

Please click on our “Contact Us” page.  Whether you contract us via phone or email, we will send you a copy of our info/contract packet.  We require a 50 deposit to book/confirm the date.  The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to the Wedding.