Our Story

How did we get here?

5iveStar Media Productions LLC was formed in 1986 as a video production company specializing in Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, and special events. 5iveStar has filmed over 1500 Weddings and shoots over 100 Weddings each year. 5iveStar had six videographers and four editors on staff as of the end of December 2016.


Jim Ratliff

Jim is the President of 5iveStar Media Productions LLC, and he started out filming for C-Span and later filmed video for the “Army of One” and “Army Strong” television commercials. Jim has filmed over 800 Weddings since the company was formed. Jim also performs editing and manages the office in Bethany Beach, DE. Jim also travels to his home office in Springfield, VA, on weekends, and often meets clients at that location. Jim formerly served nine years in the United States Marines. Jim graduated from the University of Maryland and earned his Master’s at George Washington University.

Jim recently married his wife Barbara (on January 1st, 2017). Barbara is a talented videographer and now works with Jim as the second videographer on multi-videographer shoots. Barbara graduated from Bethany College in West Virginia.

Ed Geisendaffer

Ed is the Director of Editing, and reviews all completed videos prior to them being sent to the customer. Ed started out as a video camera operator for the U.S. Army on Fort Meade, MD, and later managed the television production studio at that location. Ed manages the editing studio in Pasadena, MD, and not only is he an award winning editor, he is also an accomplished videographer. Ed has filmed over 300 Weddings and has edited over 600 Weddings in his time at 5iveStar. Ed served six years in the United States Air Force.

Ed’s wife Jeanne is also a videographer and as required, works with Ed as the second videographer on multi-videographer shoots.

Steve Young

Steve manages the office in Laurel, MD, and is the training supervisor for all videographers hired by 5iveStar. Steve is a very accomplished videographer and receives more 5 Star reviews on the Wedding Wire than any other videographer at 5iveStar. Steve has been with 5iveStar since 1988 and has filmed over 900 Weddings. Steve served 11 years in the United State Army. Steve recently completed training to become an editor for 5iveStar.

Steve’s son Darren is also a videographer and as required, works with Steve as the second videographer on multi-videographer shoots.